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Uber Cuts 200 Jobs in Recruitment Division to Optimise Costs

Updated: Jan 5

Uber reduces staff count and optimises costs by eliminating 200 positions in their recruitment division.


Ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies (UBER.N) announced its decision on Wednesday to cut 200 jobs within its recruitment division as part of its cost-saving measures to maintain a consistent staff count throughout the year.

These reductions, which impact less than 1% of Uber's 32,700-strong global workforce, comes after the company previously laid off 150 employees from its freight services division earlier this year.

The Wall Street Journal, the first to report this development, revealed that the latest cuts represent approximately 35% of Uber's recruiting team. Notably, Uber has implemented smaller downsizing measures compared to its main competitor Lyft (LYFT.O) in recent months.

Lyft, now led by CEO David Risher, previously reduced its total workforce by around 26% in April and let go of approximately 700 employees towards the end of last year. These moves were aimed at safeguarding profit margins amidst intense competition with Uber.

In May, Uber reaffirmed its commitment to achieving operating income profitability this year and stated that it would maintain a flat workforce after experiencing a decline in headcount during the first quarter of the year.

  • Uber cuts 200 jobs in recruitment division to streamline costs.

  • Reductions represent less than 1% of global workforce.

  • Lyft previously laid off more employees than Uber.

  • Uber aims for operating income profitability this year.

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