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TSMC Abandons Plans for Chip Factory in Northern Taiwan Following Protests

Updated: Jan 8

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) has announced that it will not proceed with the construction of an advanced chip factory in a rural area of northern Taiwan.

Credits: REUTERS

The decision comes after local residents protested against the expansion of an industrial park, which would have required them to relocate.

Instead, TSMC will collaborate with the government-run Science Park Administration to identify suitable land elsewhere in Taiwan for the establishment of semiconductor fabs. The company did not disclose any potential alternative sites.

The proposed factory in Longtan was intended to produce 1-nanometre chips, according to a report by the Central News Agency. TSMC's current most advanced technology in mass production is the 3-nanometre chip.

Taiwan's Economy Minister, Wang Mei-hua, has pledged government support to TSMC in terms of land, water, and power requirements. Semiconductors are a crucial industry for the island.

Chen Chi-mai, the mayor of Kaohsiung, where TSMC is currently building a 2-nanometre chip factory, stated that the city has sufficient resources to accommodate additional semiconductor facilities. "Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared," Mayor Chen told reporters.

  • TSMC cancels plans for chip factory in northern Taiwan after protests by local residents.

  • The company will work with the government to identify suitable land for semiconductor fabs.

  • TSMC's most advanced technology in mass production is currently the 3-nanometre chip.


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