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Toyota Plant In Czech Republic Halts Production

A spokesperson for the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has said that the company's Czech manufacturing facility was forced to halt production on Tuesday owing to a shortage of parts caused by a fire at a local supplier.

Credits: REUTERS

"We had no choice but to stop production last night. This will of course have an effect on our production plan. It remains unclear how long the outage might last," stated Toyota spokesperson Tomas Paroubek.

This is the second such outage at the plant this year, which ordinarily produces 1,000 vehicles per day. The facility also experienced a break in production in February.

The Czech Republic is heavily reliant on the automotive industry, led by Volkswagen's Skoda Auto. Hyundai also operates a manufacturing facility in the country.

  • Toyota plant in Czech Republic stopped production due to parts shortage

  • Shortage caused by fire at local supplier

  • Second outage at plant this year after February break


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