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  • Cheryl Tan

Soundpeats Mini Pro Review: Pretty Decent, But Much Better Value When On Sale!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

These earbuds are pretty decent if you’re looking for something under $100. We have the Soundpeats Mini Pro with us today, and they’re one of the newest offerings from the company at just around US$80, which is a relatively affordable price tag for something with all these features.

Let’s talk design first. The case is pretty compact and it slips easily into a pocket, but unfortunately, the plastic it’s made of tends to show fingerprint and oil smudges pretty easily. There’s a USB-C port on the rear and a LED charging indicator on the front below the Soundpeats word. The lid’s hinge is magnetic and surprisingly smooth. Inside, you get the earbuds.

The earbuds themselves aren’t anything too spectacular. They’re pretty standard, although I did notice that the left one doesn’t sit quite as securely in my ear as the right side does. That being said, it’s not too bad comfort-wise, I’m able to wear these for a few hours on end.

So when it comes to the app, it’s actually kind of odd. Soundpeats has an app, I tested it with the H1 earbuds and it worked then, but… the app doesn’t support these earbuds. And I’m just, confused. So yeah, no app support, no touch control customisation or the likes.

But there are touch controls! So you get volume controls with a single tap on either side, right to raise the volume and left to lower. Double-tap on either side to play or pause. A triple tap on the left pulls up game mode, while a triple tap on the right pulls up your phone’s voice assistant. A long press and hold on the left toggles ANC, passthrough or normal mode, while a long press and hold on the right skips tracks forward. If you noticed something missing, yeah, it’s that there’s no skip backwards. Unfortunately, because there’s no way to customise the touch controls, you’re pretty much stuck with this. It’s a shame because I’d probably have swapped the game mode control with ANC and then used a long press and hold for skipping backwards.

There’s ANC on these, and it’s just okay. I noticed a lot of wind noise when ANC was turned on, and I actually used these with ANC off most of the time. There’s still pretty decent passive noise isolation, and if you’re using ANC in a place where there’s no wind, I think it’ll be fine.

These are running on Bluetooth 5.2, which is great, and I didn’t notice any stuttering or audio sync issues when watching videos either. There’s support for SBC, AAC and aptX, which is nice. There’s that game mode I mentioned earlier, which decreases the latency to 60ms, although I never really noticed much of a difference with it on or off.

Soundpeats claims 7 hours in the earbuds with an extra two charges in the case for a total of 21 hours. It’s honestly not too bad, I did get around 6 hours and 7 minutes in the earbuds with ANC turned on at a moderate volume, so it’s definitely not terrible.

There’s IPX5 water resistance, so perfectly fine to bring these out for a run even if it’s drizzling.

The microphone quality is pretty okay. There’s background noise reduction here, but even without it, it works fine in quieter environments.

When it comes to sound quality, these are in a bit of an odd area. US$80 is kind of neither here nor there. There are some great earbuds under $50 that sound almost as good as these, and there are earbuds around the $120 mark that sound much better. The bass here is quite strong, with a definite sort of emphasis on this range, but it’s not overpowering to the point that it’s all you notice. Vocal and mids reproduction is very good, and you get a good amount of energy and clarity in the highs.

Of course, don’t expect a very wide soundstage or really accurate imaging and detail. This is a pair of earbuds under $100 after all.

For $80, it’s in a bit of an odd position. It’s certainly nice, it sounds pretty good, and ANC is a great feature to have. Personally, I’d have liked to have seen this at maybe $60, and it would have been a much easier recommendation from me.

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