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Sony Xperia Pro-i Review : 1 Inch Sensor - Worth The Hype and Price?

Boasting a 1 inch sensor, 4K120fps capabilities, dual aperture modes and camera features only true camera professionals could appreciate, we couldn't help but to feel curious in finding out how this phone and it's cameras would stand up against some of the android flagships of the world or even the latest iPhone 13 Pro's.

Sony flagships always seem to embrace the idea of simplicity and functionality. A symbiotic form factor that stands out and while they have improved quite a lot from the previous Xperia phones, the Xperia Pro-i was truly the chatter amongst camera enthusiasts when it was released last October 2021.Because at this premium price point, is it worth the hype? Or could this Japanese made phone be hiding more under the hood than we realise?