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  • Kyle Chua

Sony Unveils New Subscription Tiers for PlayStation Plus Service

Sony on Tuesday announced the PlayStation Plus service, which launched in 2010, is getting revamped, with the company adding two additional subscription tiers that add more benefits for you to enjoy.

Credit: Sony PlayStation

Starting this June, the service will be available in three options: Essential, Extra and Premium.

PlayStation Plus Essential features the same benefits that subscribers are already enjoying today. These include two monthly downloadable games (up to three if you’re on PS5), exclusive discounts on PlayStation’s digital store, cloud storage for backing up your saved files and online multiplayer access. The prices for the service also won’t change: US$9.99 per month, US$24.99 per quarter or US$59.99 per year.

PlayStation Plus Extra, meanwhile, lets you play a catalogue of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games, including blockbuster hits from Sony’s first-party studios and third-party partners, on top of the benefits the Essential tier offers. And the added games can be played via download. This new tier will cost US$14.99 per month, US$39.99 per quarter or US$99.99 per year.

Lastly, PlayStation Plus Premium gets you all the benefits from both the Essential and Extra tiers as well as an even larger back catalogue of games from previous PlayStation generations. These include PS3 games, which are available via cloud streaming, and beloved classics from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP that can either be downloaded or streamed. You’ll also gain access to time-limited game trials that let you demo a game before you decide to buy it or not. This tier is the most expensive among the three, costing US$17.99 per month, US$49.99 per quarter or US$119.99 per year.

In regions where Sony’s PlayStation Now cloud streaming is not available, including Singapore, the company will offer a PlayStation Plus Deluxe instead of the Premium tier. This will reportedly be a slightly cheaper alternative with the same benefits minus the cloud streaming.

Marvel's Spider-Man. Credit: Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment

When it comes to the games that’ll come with the service, Sony said that the launch library will include the likes of Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Returnal, among others. Sony says it’s already talking to third-party partners to further expand the lineup of games that’ll be available.

The new PlayStation Plus service will reportedly roll out in phases, launching first in select Asian markets this June. North America and Europe will then follow, with global availability expected later this year.

Sony likely decided to revamp its PlayStation subscription service to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox and PC Game Pass, which has been praised by players for offering good value for money. Microsoft is currently running a preview of PC Game Pass in Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets ahead of a full launch sometime this year.

Perhaps the difference with Sony’s approach is it still wants to maintain some level of exclusivity with new games since there’s not a single tier that promises day-one access. Microsoft, in contrast, puts the games it releases in Game Pass on launch day, saving subscribers from having to buy them.

  • Sony announced the PlayStation Plus service, which launched in 2010, is getting revamped, with the company adding two additional subscription tiers that add more benefits for you to enjoy.

  • The two new tiers are PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium.

  • The former features access to a library of first- and third-party games on top of all the benefits of the base PlayStation Plus subscription. The latter, on the other hand, features all the previous benefits plus access to a catalogue of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

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