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Sony A7IV Review - The Budget A7SIII Alternative?

One of the things that we found really interesting about the Sony A7IV was that the build quality and overall ergonomics was now much more similar to that of the Sony A7SIII. Now of course, the A7SIII is Sony's flagship in the lineup that is extremely video focused whereas the A7IV is the successor to the A7III which has always been the do-it-all hybrid camera. But could the new A7IV have improved so much that it can now be considered a budget A7SIII alternative?

So today, let's talk a look at the Sony A7IV and yes as mentioned, it is a hybrid camera. Meaning it can do both videos and photos relatively well. We've had the camera for about 3 weeks now and we even had the opportunity to film a car commercial with it. So we would say that we did have quite the comprehensive and in-depth testing period with the camera, seriously putting it through its paces.

On that note, we even had friends asking if the A7IV is a budget alternative to the A7SIII and honestly, the A7IV does bring about quite a number of new features and upgrades to the the standard A7 lineup. But first, let's talk about the design.

If you've seen a Sony camera, if you've probably seen them all. To be very frank, the A7IV looks not that much different from its predecessors. It still features that same iconic look. But in comparison to the A7III which it replaces, this has borrowed some great design elements from its bigger brothers, the A9 and the A1. The grip is now much larger and can accommodate larger hands with relatively ease. The body is made out of magnesium alloy and if you do load it up with a battery, an SD card and a CFexpress Type A card, it'll weight in around 658 grams.