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  • Cheryl Tan

Singapore’s First Random Cocktail Generator Is a Gachapon Experience With NFTs, Algorithms & More

Let's be real, drinking with your friends is pretty fun. What's not fun though, is the stress of having to think of what cocktail you want next. I can't count the number of times I gave up and said "surprise me" to a bartender. I would think many bartenders are sick of it too.

Credit: Tezarekt

That's where a Singapore-based company Tezarekt's random cocktail generator comes in, and boy, it's a gamechanger, not just for us drinkers, but for the bartenders too. Random number generators (RNG) has been a thing in games for a very long time. It comes into play when you open lootboxes to determine what you get, and that's how the random cocktail generator works at JU95, a bar here in Singapore. Tezarekt has partnered with JU95 on this game, allowing for customers to select between three options: one with just one spirit and two mixers, two spirits and two mixers, or three spirits with the chance to win special rewards or NFTs. The rewards can range from free food to free drinks and more.

While some of the combinations might sound quite odd (I saw a vodka, rum, ginger and pandan combination), most of the time, they turn out quite alright thanks to the bartenders knowing how to mix and adjust the drink. I had a vodka, sake, watermelon and lychee cocktail that was absolutely incredible and tasted like watermelon candy. It's not something that I would have ever thought of, and without this random cocktail generator, I wouldn't have had the chance to try it.

Credit: Tezarekt

But more than just providing customers with a fun new experience, the program actually even has benefits for the bar. With the bar able to input product inventory on the backend, it's much easier for the outlet to control and have visibility over the usage of spirits and mixers. When a product has run out, it can also be noted in the system so that it's no longer available, making it so that customers won't have to request for something only to be told it's out of stock.

Speaking to the Tezarekt team, they were incredibly excited to expand on their plans, including an in-house NFT that provides benefits to the owner in the ecosystem, such as loyalty points, crypto cashback and even the possibility to mint their bespoke drinks as NFTs.

“The Random Cocktail Generator is just one way of showing concepts that bridge web 2.0 digital gachapon systems with future revolutionary tokenomics concepts in the Web3 space. Ultimately, we want to create an ecosystem where non-crypto audiences and crypto users can come together through the TEZAREKT platform and community that we’re building,” said Dharni, co-founder, CCO and CMO at TEZAREKT.

It's certainly an interesting gamification twist set to further enhance the social aspect of drinking. I know I'll certainly be heading down with some friends to show this off to them.

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