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ShopeeFood To Officially Launch in Malaysia on 24 September

Shopee recently announced that its in-house food delivery service ShopeeFood will launch in Malaysia on 24 September 2021, just months after the e-commerce giant was looking for delivery riders and eatery partners.

Credit: ShopeeFood

Unlike ShopeeFood versions in Vietnam and Indonesia that require a separate app to be downloaded, the company's food service in Malaysia can be accessed through Shopee's homepage. But before you do that, you need to enable your location to see the ShopeeFood icon and restaurants near you.

According to Vulcan Post, ShopeeFood will be rolled out in batches and in the future, it will be available to more than 8 million total users in the Klang Valley.

As of now, the service offers various food and beverage options such as those from Burger King, A&W, Dave's Deli, Tealive as well as some hawker food stalls.

ShopeeFood's (left) vs. GrabFood's Homepage (right) Credit: Vulcan Post

ShopeeFood in Malaysia might be in trial mode right now as it is not accessible to all Malaysian users. Those that were able to use it saw that its interface is similar to GrabFood's. On the service's homepage, you will see hot picks and promos offered by establishments.

ShopeeFood's (left) vs. GrabFood's Search Function (right) Credit: Vulcan Post

The search function of ShopeeFood works the same way as those in other food delivery apps. Trending searches will be recommended to you based on the searches of other users as well.

As for the ordering process, it is pretty much similar to what you will experience from competitors. Once a restaurant has been chosen, a list of menu items will be displayed on-screen.


Two Malaysian users who tried to order from ShopeeFood experienced problems with setting a payment method. Both of them received an error message when they chose to pay with an online banking option. As a result, they opted to use ShopeePay instead and their orders were then confirmed. However, their orders ended up being cancelled due to the unavailability of riders.

Considering that ShopeeFood might not have enough riders to fulfil orders, it is possible that the service might not be ready for customers, which is a bit worrying considering its 24 September launch date.

Hopefully, the issues present currently won't be present when ShopeeFood officially rolls out in Malaysia.


Written by Sophia Lopez


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