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  • FiiO FH5S Review: Impressive Semi-Open IEMs For Just US$260

    FiiO strikes again with yet another excellent IEM, the FiiO FH5S, at just US$260 or around S$400. All in all, one of the more unique designs from FiiO I’d say. FiiO is great with providing ear tips, and they’ve done it once again here. Testing was done with my iPhone 12 and FiiO Q3 DAC amp. Content by Cheryl Tan #fiio #fiiofh5s #iem #inearmonitor #audio #semiopenbackiem

  • FiiO FA9 Review: 6-driver Earphones For Just S$799?!

    What really impressed me was how much FiiO is providing at this price point. Well, FiiO fixed that with a detachable one on the FA9, so thumbs up there. Credit: FiiO A handy little illustration from FiiO shows which positions the switches should be in for Credit: FiiO At this price point, I have almost no complaints about the FA9. The FiiO FA9 (S$799) is available at AV One, E1 Personal Audio, FiiO LazMall,, Jaben, Stereo

  • FiiO FA1 Review: Great Fit and Comfort at an Unbeatable Price

    The FiiO FA1 is probably the best entry level BA earphone, but it’s made even better by the shell design The FiiO FA1 (S$179) is available at AV One, E1, Stereo and other authorised distributors.

  • FiiO EH3 NC Review: Affordable ANC While Retaining Great Sound

    Written by Cheryl Tan FiiO is well-known for their DAPs, IEMs and other affordable products, but the FiiO claims a jaw-dropping 1000-hour standby time, 50-hour playback time with ANC turned off, and 30- headphones for approximately 7 hours with ANC turned on resulted in another 20% drop, so I’m happy to trust FiiO Sound quality is quite admirable, with a warm, lush sound signature that’s quite reminiscent of other FiiO The FiiO EH3 NC is available at AV One, E1 Personal Audio, Headphones Singapore, Lazada and

  • TRI Starshine Review: MUST-TRY For Treble Fans!

    I know other brands like FiiO have provided eight-core cables in the past, but it definitely exceeded Most of my testing was done with my iPhone 12 and the FiiO Q3, but after the tests, I kind of wish I

  • Philips TAPH805 Review: ANC Headphones On A Budget – Singapore

    Comparing this to the FiiO EH3 NC which is relatively close in terms of price, I felt that the ANC on the FiiO headphones was better.

  • Treat Your Dad To Some Cool Gadgets This Father’s Day

    FiiO EH3 ANC Headphones If your dad’s still working from home, he might desperately want a pair of headphones The FiiO EH3 ANC Headphones offers very decent noise-cancelling at the S$329 price point. 8.

  • Advanced M5-TWS Review: 3D Printed Earbuds Provide Excellent Comfort

    We’ve reviewed something similar with the FiiO FA1 before, although that was a pair of wired earphones

  • Klipsch T5 True Wireless Review: 8 Hours On True Wireless? Sign Me Up

    Samsung Note 9, or about 50% for my iPhone with other audio products (Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, Fiio

  • Sennheiser IE900 Review: Good… But Is It S$2000 Good?

    I mostly tested these with my iPhone 12 paired with a FiiO Q3 DAC/amp.

  • CCZ Plume Review: SO MUCH GOLD!

    Moving on to sound, I used these with my iPhone 13 Pro Max and the FiiO Q3 DAC/amp.

  • Best True Wireless Earbuds Comparison 2020

    But coming from FiiO, a brand with years of audio expertise, it’s little wonder Jade Audio has managed

  • Facebook Is Now Meta, How Big Tech Companies Got Their Names

    Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of the aforementioned email company, thought of themselves as

  • Jade Audio EW1 Review: Unbeatable Price-to-Performance Ratio

    Written by Cheryl Tan It’s rare to find something outstanding in the “budget” range for true wireless earphones, especially under S$100. There will usually be some compromises made, whether it be sound quality, build quality or others. Jade Audio’s EW1 is probably the TWS earphone with the least compromises made, while retaining an affordable price of S$89. Design-wise, I thought the case was rather plain, which I liked. It’s made of plastic, but the plastic is relatively durable and the size of the case is comparatively smaller than other TWS earphones’ cases. There’s a simple “Jade Audio” lettering in white on the lid, which does look quite nice. The earbuds have a glittery faceplate which almost resembles stars in the night sky, and I quite like it. The white lettering for the brand on both faceplates however, is something I could do without. I don’t really enjoy promoting brands in my ears, and I found it detracted a bit from me appreciating the faceplate. But they’re compact and have great noise isolation thanks to how well they seal in the ear. Connection is great, and the earphones are running on Bluetooth 5.0 which means less stutters and drops. These are touch-controlled and I really do like the fact that the initial touches on either side control the volume. Volume adjustment is the biggest issue I have with most TWS earphones because it requires me to pull out my phone to do it manually. Now, the volume control, play/pause control and track skipping can all be done via the touch controls on the earbuds. Battery life is on the better side comparing the small form factor, with 7 hours claimed for the earbuds and an additional 2 charges in the case for a total of 21 hours. I found the earbuds lasted me around 6 hours, which doesn’t quite live up to the claim, but still good enough for something at this price point. Unfortunately, there’s no fast charging and we’re still stuck with a Micro-USB charging port, which means an additional cable to bring around if travelling. The EW1 actually has a pretty warm and fun sound, with plenty of emphasis on the lower region and bass. People who listen to pop and hip hop would quite enjoy this pair of earphones, but as is the case with more affordably priced earphones, the highs are a bit stifled. There’s a bit of sparkle lacking from in the upper registers and string instruments don’t sound as energetic. Soundstage is decent, but the separation isn’t great. Typically, I’d be wary of recommending something that seems too good to be true, but the Jade Audio EW1 has packed plenty into a product at this price point. People on a budget would do well to seriously consider the EW1 if they’re looking for the convenience of wireless earphones. More information and purchase options can be found on AV One, Lazada, Gadget Solution and Treoo.