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Samsung Unveils Dual-Folding Flip Phone Concept at CES 2024

Samsung has showcased its latest innovation in foldable technology with the introduction of the Flex In & Out Flip concept.

This groundbreaking device allows users to fold the phone in both directions, offering a truly versatile dual-folding experience.

Unlike the current flip phones available in the market, the Flex In & Out Flip concept folds completely backwards, enabling users to access the phone's 6.7-inch screen even when the device is closed. This unique feature sets it apart from its predecessors and gives a glimpse into the future of foldable devices.

During a demonstration at CES 2024, a Samsung representative showcased the Flex In & Out Flip concept, highlighting its flexibility and functionality. The device's user interface seamlessly adapts to its movements, displaying icons, quick settings, media controls, and even the time and battery level on the larger side of the screen.

While the Flex In & Out Flip concept is currently just a prototype, it demonstrates Samsung's commitment to pushing the boundaries of foldable technology. The company's display team has been working tirelessly to create concepts that integrate folding, bending, and rolling features into our everyday lives.

One of the standout features of the Flex In & Out Flip concept is its ability to avoid covering the camera when folded backwards. The shorter side of the device ensures that the camera remains accessible, allowing users to capture photos and videos effortlessly.

Although the concept is still in its early stages, it hints at Samsung's plans to make its flip phone line more versatile and user-friendly. While the Galaxy Z Flip 5 already boasts a large external screen, the Flex In & Out Flip takes it a step further by offering a consistent user experience with a single screen, whether the device is open or closed.

Samsung has also emphasised the durability of the Flex In & Out Flip concept. The device has undergone rigorous testing, including folding in extreme temperatures and withstanding the impact of bouncing basketballs on its foldable panels. This ensures that the device can withstand the demands of everyday use.

In addition to the Flex In & Out Flip concept, Samsung showcased other exciting foldable display concepts at CES 2024. These included the Flex Liple, a flip phone prototype with a curved display, and the Rollable Flex, which can expand its screen size up to five times by unraveling like a scroll. The company also unveiled high-resolution displays for mixed reality headsets.

While there is no confirmation yet on whether the Flex In & Out Flip concept will become a commercial product, it certainly paves the way for future advancements in foldable technology. Samsung continues to push the boundaries of innovation, offering users new and exciting possibilities in the world of smartphones.

  • Dual-folding design allows users to fold the phone in both directions

  • Access to the 6.7-inch screen even when the device is closed

  • Seamless user interface adaptation to the phone's movements

Source: CNET

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