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  • Lawrence Ng

Samsung Teases Advanced Smartphone Photography Capabilities Ahead of Unpacked 2022

Samsung really knows how to excite people for their latest Unpacked event with its latest ad campaign.

Samsung’s “Tiger in the City” 3D billboard in Times Square, New York. Credit: Samsung

The campaign utilises 3D displays to bring the star of the campaign, a giant 3D tiger, to five of the world's most vibrant cities: Seoul, New York, London, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. The ad, which features the tiger bursting through digital barriers, aims to showcase how the Galaxy S22 series will help users "own the night" through the new advancements to its low-light smartphone photography technology.

According to Samsung, the tiger was chosen for the campaign due to its night vision and vivid colouring - traits that are similar to the advanced low-light smartphone photography technology found in the Galaxy S22 series. The tiger also serves as a sign that Samsung is "embracing its innovative past following over a decade of refusing to play it safe and driving the mobile innovations that shape our world".

The "Tiger in the City" campaign will continue until Samsung's upcoming Unpacked event starts.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S22 series and its Galaxy Tab S8 series in the upcoming Unpacked event on 9 February 2022. You can visit Samsung's official website to watch the event online.

  • Samsung launched its "Tiger in the City" campaign on 4 February 2022 to show people how its upcoming Galaxy S22 series will help them "own the night" through the new advancements to its low-light smartphone photography technology

  • The campaign, which features a tiger, utilises the 3D displays in five of the world's most vibrant cities.

  • The tiger was chosen to be the star of the campaign due to its night vision, vivid colouring and its symbolism of bravery.

  • The campaign will last until 9 February 2022 - the date of Samsung's upcoming Unpacked event.

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