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Samsung Odyssey Ark Review: 55-Inches Of Productivity

This is the Samsung Odyssey Ark and as you can tell, it’s a pretty insane curved gaming screen with over the top specs and a crazy design. Samsung touts this as the new frontier in gaming and to a certain extent, we do agree. But in our opinion, this makes for a far better productivity monitor as compared to gaming.

First up, we have to talk about specs and there’s quite a lot of that here. For a monitor, this is a staggering 55-inches and offers 4K resolution running up to 165Hz with 1ms (GTG) response time. It’ll also cover way above 100% sRGB and up to 95% DCI-P3 with a typical brightness of 600 nits and a max peak brightness of 1000. All of that is mostly thanks to the use of Quantum Mini-LED of the VA variety. Additionally, you get HDR10+ support which is equivalent to HDR1000 with over 1000 zones (1056) for local dimming and even FreeSync Premium Pro.