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Russia Fines Reddit for the First Time Over Ukraine "Fake News"

Updated: Jan 8

Reddit has become the latest social media platform to be fined by Russia for failing to remove content deemed illegal by Moscow relating to the conflict in Ukraine.

Credits: Reuters

Russia has fined social media site Reddit for the first time, accusing the platform of not deleting "banned content" that spreads "fake" information about Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

According to Russian state media RIA, a Moscow court slapped Reddit with a 2 million rouble ($20,365) fine.

Reddit joins a growing list of sites under scrutiny in Russia for failing to take down content that Moscow considers illegal. This includes Wikimedia, streaming service Twitch, and Google.

Since invading Ukraine last February, Russia has tightened its controls over media coverage of the conflict. This includes introducing harsher punishments for "discrediting" the actions of Russia's armed forces or publishing false information about them.

RIA reported that the specific reason for Reddit's fine was its failure to remove banned content. However, further details were not provided.

Reddit did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the fine. The action against Reddit represents Russia's latest moves to censor foreign tech platforms. Authorities continue seeking greater control over information flows relating to the Ukraine conflict.

  • Reddit fined 2 million rubles by Russia for first time over failing to remove "banned content" related to Ukraine war

  • Fine comes as Russia increases censorship and control over tech platforms and coverage of Ukraine conflict

  • Reddit joins list of sites like Wikimedia, Twitch, and Google facing penalties in Russia for not taking down content deemed illegal

Source: Reuters

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