Sonos and Ikea Tease New SYMFONISK “Artwork Speakers”

Updated: Aug 20

Ikea seems to be developing a SYMFONISK “artwork speaker” after the success of its lamp speakers.

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Credit: Pocket-lint / Sonos

The popular furniture giant has recently teased a new product made in collaboration with Sonos, a speaker company, through an Instagram story. According to an article written by The Verge’s Chris Welch, the Instagram story directly mentioned the “SYMFONISK” line and Sonos’ logo at the end. According to one of the devices the US Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) received, Sonos and Ikea might be working on a “piece of wall art with an integrated speaker” as Welch puts it.

This “piece of wall art with an integrated speaker” seems to be similar to Soundwall’s art speakers, wherein a painted aluminium panel is outfitted with a set of speakers for audio to come out of. Welch mentioned that the two products are similar but Ikea’s will be at a much lower price than Soundwall’s. Details of the product have yet to be shared by both Sonos and Ikea. However, a Sonos spokesman stated that they are “looking forward to sharing more when the time is right” to Pocket-lint’s inquiries about the product.

While both Ikea and Sonos have yet to give a release date for their new product, Welch speculated that it will be out sometime soon.

Credit: IKEA

Ikea has also filed a new revamped version of the SYMFONISK table lamp to the FCC, which is another thing to be excited about. You may remember that we previously reviewed it and found the speaker pretty good.

The revamped SYMFONISK table lamp will probably be sold around the same price as the original product, Welch added, meaning that the revamped table lamp could cost S$299.

Written by John Paul Joaquin

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