Qualcomm Rumoured To Be Developing Switch-Inspired Portable Gaming Console

Updated: Aug 10

Qualcomm is rumoured to be working on an android-powered portable gaming console that bears a strong resemblance to the Nintendo Switch that you could be seeing on store shelves in 2022.

NIntendo Switch

Credit: Nintendo

According to one of the sources of Android Police‘s David Ruddock, the console will “attempt to showcase the company’s Snapdragon chipsets in a less traditional form factor.”

The console features detachable controllers similar to the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and a thicker, bulkier core console. Qualcomm decided to make the core console as such because the company believes that a thicker design allows for an added thermal headroom that will make the console’s processor run faster and more efficiently than a modern ultra-thin smartphone. The company is also planning on utilising the thicker design to include a 6000mAh battery that comes with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. Additionally, Qualcomm has reportedly partnered up with a premium controller supplier to design and manufacture the whole console.

These features were consistent with XDA Developers Editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman’s tweets about the specifications of Qualcomm’s gaming console. Additionally, Rahman mentioned that Qualcomm’s console will feature a 6.65-inch full HD+ display.

Qualcomm’s portable console will come with the ability to play with an external monitor or TV but it is unclear if a mini HDMI port will be included for this feature or if the console’s USB-C charging port will be used for video output in addition to charging. The console will support 5G connectivity along with connectivity for fifth-generation wireless networks. The portable console will run on Android 12 with full support for Google’s suite of Play apps and services. Qualcomm is also hoping that the console supports the Epic Games Store app at its console’s launch.

Ruddock mentioned that the company is looking to sell its portable console to the public at US$300, but is unsure if the price covers the detachable gamepads or the 5G connectivity feature. Qualcomm wants to use its US carrier connections to get the consoles on store shelves, which means we might see carrier-branded variants of Qualcomm’s portable console after the targeted release date in 2022.

Qualcomm declined to comment on Android Police’s article, citing the company’s standard policy of not commenting on rumours or speculation about its products.

Written by John Paul Joaquin

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