Largest Apex Legends Tournament With S$6000 Prize Pool in SG Kicks Off On 17 Aug ’19

Updated: Aug 18

Credit: Gameinformer

Apex Legends certainly took the world by storm when it was launched earlier in 2019. There were great features like the pinging system (which has since been implemented in other games) and overall, it was just a fresh and fun take on the stale battle royale format.

The game has been plagued by hackers recently, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the playerbase from growing, to the point where Harvey Norman is hosting Singapore’s largest Apex Legends tournament in conjunction with Harvey Norman Games Hub’s 3rd anniversary from 17-18 August 2019!

The prize pool consists of 3 ASUS ROG STRIX G G531 gaming lapops for the team who wins first place, 3 ASUS ROG STRIX Scope keyboards and Pugio mice for the second place team as well as 3 ASUS ROG Pugio mice for the third place team.

It really is great to see eSports being more widely accepted and even supported by bigger brands. More details can be found on Harvey Norman’s website.

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