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  • Cheryl Tan

Dyson Corrale Review: Beats Other Hair Straighteners Hands Down

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Credit: Dyson

Just when I thought Dyson’s line of hair styling products couldn’t get more exciting after the launch of the Airwrap last year, I was surprised once again with the latest launch of their first hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale.

Here are a few features that stood out most to me.


The first thing that stands out is the fact that it can be used corded or cord-free. This is probably my favourite feature of the Dyson Corrale.

I’ve burnt myself countless times in the past while straightening my hair, simply because of the wires – they either catch onto something on my dresser table, or they tangle around my wrists as I rotate the styler to curl my hair. I find the cordless feature not only safer, but it also gives me the option of using it on the go without having to find a power plug. This is especially useful when styling my hair after a gym session, or when I need a quick touch up before a work event.

On a full charge, the batteries deliver 30 minutes of use (with the same thermal performance when corded), and it takes 70 minutes to achieve a full charge. There is also a fast-charge function where it can charge up to 90% in 40 minutes.

I personally like that you can charge it two ways: either by connecting the cord directly to the straightener or by resting it on the charging dock, which also serves as a way to display the stylish device on your dressing table.

Flexing Plates

The Dyson Corrale is the first hair straightener on the market with this function. As someone who has been using different hair straighteners for the past 5 years, one of my biggest frustrations is the inability to heat a chosen section of hair evenly across the plates. This means that the hair on the sides of the plates receive less tension compared to the centre of the plates, so the user would have to go over the same section of hair several times in order to achieve their desired result. This means that one’s hair will be subject to a lot of heat, and hence damage and frizziness.

The heating plates on the Corrale flex around the section of hair to gather it along the plates evenly, allowing for equal tension on all strands, and therefore equal and efficient heat transfer. This also means the user doesn’t have to clamp down hard on their hair in order for it to stay in place. There is less reliance on heat (and electricity) and the styling can be done in a shorter amount of time. Anything to shorten the time to get ready!

From my experience, the flexing plates have really allowed for effortless styling.


It has curved edges which help in creating beautiful curls when you’re using the straightener to create waves or curls in the hair. I personally find this design to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold in the hands without strain.

My first impression upon picking it up is its weight. It is heavier than usual hair straighteners (560g vs ~300g) due to the four-cell lithium-ion battery it houses. However, it has been designed to be balanced in the user’s hands for stabilisation, and as mentioned above, I feel no strain even after curling a whole head of hair.

The lithium-ion battery also means that when travelling by air with the straightener, it would have to go into carry-on luggage. If you’re not a light packer, time to sacrifice 560g to accommodate the Corrale! On that note, there is a flight-ready tag that you would have to pull out before packing, to ensure it is safe to travel with.

All in all, I appreciate all the thought that went into designing the product, and I can’t quite imagine going back to using other hair straighteners. As someone who has tried both the Dyson Airwrap and the Corrale, I prefer the latter as it is more versatile in creating different hairstyles, and it is easier to carry around.


Written by Charlotte Mei


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