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  • Cheryl Tan

Peak Design Tech Pouch Review: If You’re Working From Home, You Absolutely Need This

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Working from home has become the norm across the world, and I don’t know about you guys, but my room has become a mess thanks to the number of dongles, card readers, cables and more that I require every day. Sometimes, I have to spend a good five to ten minutes trying to find a specific cable I need, or even have to untangle cables from where I chucked them into a box.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch aims to eliminate that, by providing a place for you to keep all your cables neatly organised and in a single location.

Part of Peak Design’s travel line, the pouch is made of recycled 200D nylon that’s also treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating, meaning you won’t have to worry about rain or water spills soaking into the pouch and getting your gadgets wet. Even the zippers are also water-resistant, so when fully zipped up, there’s little chance of water getting in.

The Tech Pouch utilises a folding origami design for the interior pockets, with a total of 12 small pockets that use stretchy material, and three main compartments that can hold larger objects like phones or even a Nintendo Switch with the joycons detached.

There’s also an interior zipped compartment that has four slots that fit an SD card perfectly, with or without the protective case. There’s also a bit of space in that compartment, where I tend to keep small things like thumb drives.

There’s one zipped pocket on the exterior of the case, and there’s even a cable pass-through hole for charging devices, although I’ve found that with larger phones it’s almost impossible to charge them while keeping the pocket zipped as it’ll result in bending the charging cable quite a bit. That being said, I think the exterior pocket is a great idea for keeping passports or other small, flat documents when travelling.

With the 12 pockets in the pouch, there’s more than enough space for each cable or adapter to have its own spot. Personally, I travel with at least a USB-C to C cable, USB-A to C cable, USB-A to MicroUSB cable, Lightning cable, a couple of SD cards, an SD card reader, a thumb drive, a 26,800mAh power bank, a 65W laptop power adapter and its corresponding USB-C cable, as well as other small knick-knacks like wired earbuds and more. I’ve managed to fit them all nicely into the case, and still have plenty of space to spare. If I really wanted to, I could possibly even throw in a pair of foldable headphones.

Organisation aside, there are plenty of small QOL features here that one might overlook at first. For instance, the pouch stands upright on tables and surfaces, even with nothing inside. This means that compared to other pouches that might need users to unzip them and lay them flat open to access all the items inside, the Tech Pouch takes up less space, especially if your desk is already cluttered and doesn’t have a lot of free space.

Next are these two little anchor attachment points at the back that are compatible with Peak Design’s straps. While we don’t have any straps on hand to try this out with, it basically converts the Tech Pouch into a small bag that can be carried out as a daily bag that has space for a wallet, phone, power bank and more.

And last but not least, it might be tough to zip up pouches that have been filled to the brim. Peak Design took that into consideration and integrated four handles into the pouch, two on either side for the pouch to be easily pulled out of bags and the likes, and two on the bottom that is meant to be used with one hand to stretch open the pouch to easily retrieve items from within.

The handles might not seem like much, but they’re definitely useful and it’s this attention to detail that has seen Peak Design products sell so well.

And the best part for me is that the Tech Pouch isn’t limited to just being a cable organiser at home. I can already see myself using this heavily when I’m travelling, be it for work or leisure because of how convenient it would be to have all my cables in one place.

Now I’m just waiting for a chance to head out and try on some Peak Design straps to see which would look nicest on the Tech Pouch, so I can convert this into a day bag when I need it.

For more information about the Peak Design Tech Pouch (US$59.95) or to support us, you can get it on Amazon below


Written by Cheryl Tan

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