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Over 700 Apps Are Now Optimised for the New Apple M1 Chip

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

apple m1 chip

Credit: Apple

The Apple M1 chip designed specifically for Mac computers features a combined chip that contains a Mac computer’s processor, I/O, security and memory. It boasts performances that challenge the latest PC laptop chip. Simply put, this is a behemoth of an upgrade when compared to the Intel-based Macs.

When the M1 chip was released in November 2020, only about a hundred apps were compatible to work with the new hardware. Now, more and more developers have rebuilt their apps to take advantage of the capabilities of Apple’s new chip. According to Abdullah Diaa, there are now more than 700 apps capable of being run on Mac computers with the M1 chip. However, some of these apps still require Rosetta 2 to properly run.

Here are some interesting apps that you’ll want to use to fully benefit from the Apple M1 chip and enhance your working experience!

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro

Credit: Pixelmator

If you’re looking to enhance images and easily edit them, the graphics and design app, Pixelmator Pro is the one for you.

It has recently added support for Macs powered by the M1 chip. Exclusive for Mac computers, this app is great for editing and enhancing images due to its numerous features like machine learning, non-destructive image editing tools, intuitive and accessible design as well as ease-of-use regardless of your skill level.

Pixelmator Pro takes advantage of the unified memory architecture of the M1 chip to bring you faster and more responsive image editing. The app’s machine learning tasks like ML Super Resolution are now up to 15 times faster on the macs equipped with the M1 chip.

The Pixelmator Pro has a price tag of S$58.98 in the App Store.



Credit: Vectornator

Graphic designers who are looking for a simple, easy-to-use app that allows them to freely express their ideas will want to get their hands on the optimised version of the Vectornator.

Vectornator is one of the first graphics and design apps that was restructured to fully benefit from Apple’s M1 chip. It is also one of the top 20 apps for its category. The app is simple and easy to use, and the developers keep up with engagement with the users on their experiences.

The app can achieve up to eight times faster auto-trace results compared to previous generation Macs when running natively on the M1 chip. Their brush engine allows you to effortlessly draw with the app and process it in real-time, which means there are no lags during the processing period of each stroke. They also discovered that the M1 chip helped Vectornator to achieve twice the usual speed for path selection, thrice the typical speed for document loading, and four times faster Time-Lapse export.

Vectornator is free to download in the App Store.

djay Pro AI

djay pro ai

Credit: Algoriddim

If you’re a DJ in need of an app that helps you mix your tunes and fine-tune it as well as separating vocals and instrumentals in real-time, the djay Pro AI is an app you’ll have to look out for.

djay Pro AI is much like Vectornator as they were both rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the new M1 chip. Thanks to this rebuilding and the introduction of Neural MixTM technology, the users of the app can experience 15 times faster machine learning performance. This results in ultra-low latency and exceptional precision for live DJ mixes, in addition to the ability to separate vocals and instrumental in real-time.

The developers introduced a “revolutionary AI effects engine” that takes advantage of the 16-core architecture of the M1 chip. The AI provides the capability of applying audio effects to individual components of music (like echo effect on only the vocals) and a lot more features that were previously unavailable prior to the introduction of the M1 chip to Macs.

djay Pro AI is free to download in the App Store but also offers in-app purchases that will unlock the app’s full features. You can either choose a monthly subscription for S$9.98 or an annual one for S$69.98. The first week is free if you choose to get the annual subscription.


Written by John Paul Joaquin

As technology advances and has a greater impact on our lives than ever before, being informed is the only way to keep up.  Through our product reviews and news articles, we want to be able to aid our readers in doing so. All of our reviews are carefully written, offer unique insights and critiques, and provide trustworthy recommendations. Our news stories are sourced from trustworthy sources, fact-checked by our team, and presented with the help of AI to make them easier to comprehend for our readers. If you notice any errors in our product reviews or news stories, please email us at  Your input will be important in ensuring that our articles are accurate for all of our readers.

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