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Nvidia to Challenge Intel with Arm-based Chips for Windows PC by 2025

Updated: Jan 8

Nvidia, the dominant player in artificial intelligence (AI) computing chips, is set to take on Intel in the personal computer market.

Credits: Reuters

According to sources, Nvidia has quietly started designing central processing units (CPUs) that would run Microsoft's Windows operating system using technology from Arm Holdings.

This move is part of Microsoft's initiative to support chip companies in building Arm-based processors for Windows PCs. Apple's success with its own Arm-based chips for Mac computers has prompted Microsoft to explore similar options. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is also planning to develop chips for PCs using Arm technology. Nvidia and AMD could potentially release their PC chips as early as 2025, joining Qualcomm, which has been producing Arm-based chips for laptops since 2016.

The news of Nvidia's plans caused a stir in the market, with Nvidia's shares closing up 3.84%, while Intel's shares dropped by 3.06%. Arm's shares also saw a 4.89% increase at the close of trading. Representatives from Nvidia, AMD, Arm and Microsoft declined to comment on the matter.

This move by Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm could disrupt the PC industry, which has long been dominated by Intel. Apple's custom chips have demonstrated improved battery life and performance, putting pressure on other manufacturers to achieve similar results. Microsoft, in particular, has been impressed by the efficiency of Apple's Arm-based chips, especially in AI processing.

Microsoft's partnership with Qualcomm to transition the Windows operating system to Arm's architecture is set to expire in 2024. After that, Microsoft has encouraged other chip makers to enter the market. The company aims to avoid dependence on a single vendor and wants to ensure that Arm technology gains traction in the PC chip market.

However, there are challenges ahead. Software developers have invested significant time and resources in writing code for the x86 computing architecture used by Intel and AMD. Transitioning to Arm-based designs will require code adaptation, posing potential obstacles. Intel has also been incorporating AI features into its chips, showcasing its capabilities with a laptop running features similar to ChatGPT.

  • Nvidia is designing CPUs for Windows PCs using Arm technology.

  • AMD also plans to develop chips for PCs with Arm technology.

  • Nvidia and AMD could release their PC chips as early as 2025.

  • Microsoft aims to reduce dependence on Intel and support the adoption of Arm-based processors.

Source: SCMP

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