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  • Cheryl Tan

Newest Firmware Greatly Improves AF For Canon’s EOS R and RP Cameras

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

If you own one of Canon’s EOS R or RP cameras, you might have had a few issues with the autofocus performance previously. While it was still decent, it wasn’t on par with competitors like Sony.

That’s all changed with the newest firmware version 1.4.0 update for the EOS R and version 1.3.0 for the EOS RP. There’s now improved eye AF detection accuracy that’s supposed to be able to track a subject’s eyes even if the subject is further away.

Autofocus for smaller subjects like pets has also been improved, so wildlife shooters will be pleased with the update as well. Animals can move fast, so photographers will also be glad to know that the lag between the camera autofocusing and the AF frame display on the LCD or viewfinder has been reduced.

Some bugs relating to the AF frame size for the EOS R and the main dial icon not appearing when zooming in on photos on the EOS RP have also been fixed.

So is the autofocus really improved? Yes, and it’s amazing. The EOS R’s AF speed is now on par with Sony’s. The Dual Pixel AF was already excellent in low light before, aside from the fact that it might take a bit longer to hunt for the correct focus, but now it’s snappy and feels just as quick as Sony’s.

The new firmware update can be downloaded here for the EOS R, and here for the EOS RP.

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