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New VR System For PS5 in Development; Will Include Key DualSense Features

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Sony PS5 Review: The Next Step For PlayStation

Sony has announced that its next-generation Virtual Reality (VR) system will be coming to the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Hideaki Nishino, Sony’s Senior Vice President, Platform Planning and Management, mentioned that they have taken what they learned since launching the PlayStation (PS) VR to develop a next-generation VR system that improves everything from the resolution to its field of view.

The new VR system needs only a single cord to be plugged into the PS5 in order to function, making its set-up process simpler and the whole system easy-to-use while enabling a high-fidelity visual experience. It will also let players be more immersed in their game worlds and feel “an even greater sense of presence” once they put on the new headset.

A VR headset, camera, and controller for the PlayStation 4 Credit: Sony

Additionally, the new VR system will feature a new VR controller that includes some key features from the DualSense controller, focusing on the ergonomics.

Unfortunately, Hideaki mentioned that the new VR system won’t be launching in 2021 due to the need for further development. However, he stated that the developers have started to work on games that will feature new worlds for players to explore in VR.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan mentioned in an exclusive interview with the Washington Post that development kits for the PS5’s VR system will be sent out soon, but the company is reluctant on discussing the device’s specifications.


Written by John Paul Joaquin

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