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  • Cheryl Tan

New ROG Intelligence Cooling System Helps Your Laptop Stay Cool While Gaming

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Ever felt your gaming laptop heat up to the point where it gets uncomfortable while you’re in the middle of a firefight in your game? It’s definitely distracting, and not to mention bad for the components in your laptop to be kept at high temperatures over a prolonged period of time.

Most ASUS ROG laptops now come with their new Intelligence Cooling System to ensure that gamers stay comfortable during long gaming sessions and that the laptop’s gaming performance isn’t adversely affected by the high temperatures. We check out the ROG STRIX Scar III (GL531) to see how it’s done.

1. Asymmetrical Lid Design

Most laptops have a similar lid design, but here, the cutout near the hinges are eyecatching and it’s more than just design aesthetics. By having the cutout and shifting the hinges slightly more forward, it’s ensuring greater and uninterrupted air intake for the cooling system.

2. Self-Cleaning Fans

People with desktops will understand the need to take apart their tower ever so often to ensure that the fans and heatsinks are clean and free of dust, otherwise cooling performance is impacted.

Usually, it’s difficult to take apart laptops to clean them, so ASUS ROG has implemented self-cleaning fans which utilise a thermal module that ejects dust and debris to prevent buildup on the heatsinks.

3. Heatsinks with Ultra-Thin Fins

With fins that measure just 0.1mm thick, the amount of fins that can be fitted onto the heatsinks is increased. With additional fins, that means there’s more surface area for heat dissipation and combined with the fans that have 83 blades, thermal performance is more efficient.

4. Keyboard Vents

There are special vents near the W A S D keys, as that’s where most gamers will keep their fingers while gaming, and as such, ASUS ROG has taken measures to ensure that the keyboard won’t heat up as much thanks to the airflow that the fan below will provide.

While I was testing the laptop, I did find that the left side of the keyboard stayed cool to the touch while the middle got a little warm.

5. Software

Hardware only goes so far, with the software really being the determining factor between laptops of similar specs. With ROG Boost, the graphics card inside gets pushed past its clock speed and wattage, resulting in better graphical performance and higher frame rates.

But of course, you don’t want your fans running at full speed all the time. It’s noisy and it wears out the blades quickly. ASUS ROG’s cooling system cleverly switches between the Silent, Performance and Turbo operating modes to ensure a balance between noise and cooling performance.

While doing light work, the laptop runs in Silent mode to prevent distraction from noisy fans, but ramps up the speed in either Performance or Turbo modes once the user starts gaming or doing intensive work like video editing.


For most consumers, perhaps it’s all overkill. But for the gamers out there, eking out that extra bit of performance is something worth paying for. And the ROG Intelligence Cooling System might just be what gamers need to counter the problem of laptops heating up.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Asus.

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