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Netflix Trials Largest TV App Redesign in a Decade

Netflix is testing a big redesign of its TV interface in an effort to boost user experience and engagement. The makeover includes larger title cards, more structured information, and performance highlights from a show or movie. Before the new format is released to the general public, a portion of Netflix's global user base will be able to provide input.

The streaming giant expects that these modifications would help it retain users and attract new subscribers to its lower-cost plans through advertising. The redesign comes after research found that customers were having difficulty finding content of interest, resulting in what Netflix executive Pat Flemming described as "eye gymnastics" as viewers searched the home screen. The new design seeks to streamline navigation and make it easier for viewers to find the content they want to watch.

The new home page has larger title cards, reorganised information, and highlights essential data like a show or movie's time in the top ten. Netflix intends to test the new format with a fraction of its 270 million global members before making it available to the general public. The company has emphasised interaction time as a key statistic for customer satisfaction, and it intends to move Wall Street's focus away from membership numbers.

In addition to the stylistic improvements, the TV app makeover moves the navigation button from the left to the top of the screen and adds a new "My Netflix" tab. This tab will show the series or films that users have begun watching or saved for later viewing. Despite the revamp, Netflix will continue to give customised recommendations to each customer while making no changes to its recommendation process.

Netflix shares, which have increased by 38% this year, fell roughly 0.5% to $647.49 in midday trade on Nasdaq.

  • Netflix is testing a major revamp of its TV app, aiming to improve user experience and increase engagement.

  • The redesign includes enlarged title cards, reorganised information, and highlights of a show or movie's performance.

  • A subset of Netflix's global user base will have access to the new format for feedback before a wider release.


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