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Netflix Games Expands to TVs and Computers in Canada and UK Beta Test

The popular streaming platform takes a major step forward in making its mobile games playable across more devices.

Credits: REUTERS

Netflix will start testing games on TVs and computers in Canada and the UK, marking the first expansion of its games beyond mobile. Through a limited beta test starting August 15, a small group of Netflix members will be able to play games on select TVs and browsers.

This test on TVs and computers builds on Netflix's push into gaming that began with a mobile launch in November 2021. So far, Netflix's titles have only been available on iOS and Android devices. By expanding to more platforms like TVs and computers, Netflix aims to make its games catalog accessible to more subscribers globally.

The initial test will include two Netflix games: "Oxenfree,” a supernatural thriller from Night School Studio and "Molehew's Mining Adventure”, an arcade-style game. Users can play the games on TV by connecting a mobile device, while PC and Mac players can access the titles on using a keyboard and mouse.

The test will be available on select devices like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast with Google TV and Roku.

In March, Netflix revealed plans to release 40 more games later this year, with 70 more titles in active development through partnerships. This is in addition to the 16 games currently available from Netflix's in-house game studios.

  • Netflix is testing games on TVs and computers in Canada and the UK, expanding beyond mobile

  • Limited beta kicks off August 15 for select members

  • Titles will include "Oxenfree" and "Molehew's Mining Adventure"

  • Users can play on TVs via mobile and PCs/Macs through


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