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MSI Stealth GS77 Review: A Light Yet Heavy Punch

On my desk right now is quite the large laptop, but yet still really thin. This is the MSI Stealth GS77, a 17-inch behemoth that packs quite a punch but still, relatively light. Let’s take a look at this.

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at MSI laptops and honestly, we’ve got to say that their designs have improved drastically. Now MSI is still primarily gaming focused but safe to say, their designs aren’t as outlandish as before. Which in our opinion, is so much better.

The new Stealth GS77 is now much more minimalistic and as its name suggests, much more stealthy in nature. You’re getting a clean, angular design that’s made entirely out of CNC aluminum and comes in at just about 20.8mm thin while weighing around 2.8 kilograms or about 6.2lbs. The only thing that would really stand out would be the MSI logo on the lid but that’s about it. Overall, a clean design and I like it quite a fair bit. As MSI puts it, this is a crossover laptop for both gaming and professional use and we can see that.