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  • Cheryl Tan

Microsoft’s AI-Powered Presenter Coach Levels Up Your Presentations

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Office 365 has been a staple in the lives of many since it launched in 2011, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint being used for both school and office work. As of 21 April 2020, Office 365 will be revamped as Microsoft 365 with some new added features and apps.

Credit: Microsoft

With a new Microsoft Edge browser that’s rebuilt on the Chromium engine, there are now features like vertical tabs where each window tab is listed on the side, allowing for better clarity.

Credit: Microsoft

There are plenty of safety features as well, like Password Monitor, which is supposed to inform a user if their password has been compromised or sold on the dark web, and tracking prevention for ads.

Credit: Microsoft

But the biggest additions are productivity-driven. The new Microsoft Editor, for example, is available on Word and Outlook, giving Microsoft 365 subscribers access to grammar and style refinements, while an AI-powered Presenter Coach in PowerPoint corrects monotone pitches and refines speeches.

Credit: Microsoft

Users who want to track their finances in a spreadsheet can now do so with Money in Excel, while PowerPoint designers will rejoice in Microsoft providing access to over 8000 images and 175 looping videos from Getty Images alongside new templates, fonts and icons to make presentations even more visually appealing.

More information about the changes can be viewed on Microsoft’s website.

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