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Meze Advar Review: S$1000... But Worth It?

Meze Audio’s products have always been great, and I loved the Rai Penta when I had a chance to try them a year or two ago. Now, we have these new single-driver IEMs, the Meze Audio ADVAR IEMs with us today, and they sound very, very good for the price.

So, let’s talk design first. Anything that comes from Meze Audio looks absolutely awesome, and the ADVAR IEMs are no exception. Made with stainless steel, it’s certainly quite hefty in the hand. It feels solid and dense and very, very premium. You get this glossy black chrome plating on the main body, although there are satin gold accents near the nozzle as well as around the vent. There’s also a golden ring around the MMCX connector and all in all, it’s a very beautiful pair of IEMs.

Just based on the design alone, I’d say this is definitely what I woul