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  • Cheryl Tan

Master & Dynamic MW07 GO Review: The Best True Wireless Earphones for Active Users?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Ng Jun Long ( Community Creator)

The Master and Dynamic MW07 GO true wireless earphones is the cheapest one in their range (S$329) but it still retains the great sound quality we’ve come to love from the brand. It has a few features that cater more towards users who exercise, but is the MW07 GO the best TWS earphone for people who lead more active lifestyles?

Let’s take a look. Everything that is packaged in the box is shown on the box as well! Very nice touch I must say. Instead of boring you with claims and features, let’s move on to the earphones itself.

Build and Quality

The TR90 composite material feels plasticky, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. It is lightweight and pretty durable as I’ve dropped them a couple of times while fiddling around while taking it out from its charging case, and so far, no scratches!

The charging case is made of fabric which reminds me of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless’ charging case, and that makes it look premium. However, one gripe I have is how it is not water-resistant and it does attract sweat, especially if you bring it out with you to exercise. In the long run, I’m not sure whether it will start to break down and stink.

Those with sweaty palms like myself may want to leave it at home or in the locker when working out and not in your pockets to minimise the chances of it absorbing your sweat. Other than that, it does feel really nice in your hands and it does help prevent it from slipping.

The earbuds go into the charging case magnetically to prevent users from accidentally losing the earphones.

Fit and Comfort

I really like the Fit Wings of these earphones. Unlike the usual wing tips from other brands, these are really comfortable as the individual fins are pliable and it doesn’t irritate the ears even when wearing it over long periods of time.

Not only is it comfortable, but it also allows the earbuds to stay in your ears, making it very suitable for doing interval workouts and sprints. I’ve used it while doing my burpees and weightlifting routines and it never once fell out.

The TR90 composite makes it a very light pair of earphones and as a result, you might even be able to forget about the fact that you are wearing them. Adding on, its flat profile allows you to wear it even when lying sideways on the bed without hurting your ears.

With 3 pairs of Fit Wings and 5 pairs of ear tips, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your ears.

Sound Quality

What really hits it home for me is the sound quality on these earphones. I was expecting overwhelming bass for something that is catered for the sports enthusiast, but I am pleasantly surprised. It has a flatter V sound signature and it’s a pleasant experience listening to other genres like acoustic and country music while still being able to enjoy the energy from the rock and rap music in my workout playlist.

The bass is adequate enough to power you throughout your workout, it is tight and punchy. Mids and highs are clear and crisp. At times I feel that the mids and highs could be dialled up just slightly, but there is no EQ adjustment or app support for these earphones.

The mids and highs fall under the “not bad but can be better” category. There is also aptX codec for those who are wondering – improving sound quality over Bluetooth connection compared to the default SBC codec.


For those wondering, this pair of earphones are not the best for voice calls. The person on the other end will have a hard time hearing your voice clearly, especially if you’re in the gym.

You’ll find yourself competing with background noise, and even the sound of a ceiling fan will be picked up. But unless you’re really using these frequently for calls, this is pretty much a non-factor, especially if you’re just using the MW07 GO for music.

The microphones, though, require improvement to even be considered usable outside of a library or quiet cafe.

Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is pretty decent although outside noises do leak in if you are playing below 75% volume. You can still hear the clanks in the weight rooms, and I had to crank it up as the gym I go to has renovation going on next door and the drilling sounds still come through.

However, this can be beneficial for those who run on the road as there is no transparency mode on these and I do appreciate that I can hear the rings of bicycle bells while running at the park connector, allowing me to be slightly more aware of my surroundings. 

User Experience

Pairing and connecting was fairly straightforward. However, you can only use the right earbud if you plan on using just one side as these are still running on the master/slave configuration. The physical buttons are also at the top of the earphones, making it easier to press instead of jamming it further into your ears like most true wireless earphones due to controls on the faceplate.

The connection is pretty good, I rarely experience dropouts or stutters while using it. The IPX6 feature is also pretty nifty as it did start to drizzle while I was out running a few times and I didn’t have to worry about it getting wet and malfunctioning.

Battery Life

I got pretty close to 10 hours usage as claimed by Master and Dynamic, getting just 30 minutes shy of it playing between 75% and 80%. The case holds two more additional full charges. It also has quick charge capabilities as well – 15 minutes for 50% and 100% in just 40 minutes. Honestly, it is more than enough for a week of usage.


Overall, it was a pleasant experience using this pair of earphones. In fact, it has not only been my earphones for just working out but also my daily driver as well. It is a pretty good all-round performer and if you are willing to shell out some extra money for a pair of true wireless earphones that you can use for working out and daily usage, these are almost perfect in my opinion, albeit at a higher price.

Although the more expensive MW07 Plus has added features like noise-cancelling at the cost of a drop in IP rating, if you are not looking for any of those added features, the MW07 GO is a good option for a no-frills pair of workout true wireless earphones with good sound quality that can also double up as your daily driver.

More information about the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO (S$329) can be found on Master & Dynamic’s website.

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