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  • Lawrence Ng

Making the Cut – Serguei Beloussov, Acronis CEO

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Acronis’ CEO Serguei Beloussov prefers to do first and think later. The go-getter attitude and his philosophy to look forward with no regrets is the driving force and management style that has brought success to the data backup company.

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Transcription: I’m just a curious person, I want to understand the nature of things and physics is a significant part of it. Quantum physics, in the past 10 years, experienced huge change. There’s lots of books right now which are very easy to read. Historically, quantum physics was a little bit snobbish. We have professors and famous scientists who would come up and say “Wow! It’s very complicated!” but, there is this whole universe and there is understanding of the universe. In fact, you can meet the whole universe or you can meet one person, and that one person is potentially more interesting because his brain is very complex and potentially, can explain the universe. It’s nice to meet great people. One of the key parts of my career was that I met Bill Gates -for a very short time- I was able to meet Mr Lee Kuan Yew, David Gross – he’s a Nobel Prize winner in Physics. You can talk to people like this and they really have deep knowledge. There are some people who first think and then they do, I first do and then I think. Quite often, I share information which I would have better not share. What is information? Information about you is information about your behaviour. It might be very important in the near future. If you have your information, you can be a much better subject for medical care or for employment. In the world, there is physical objects which you preserve and there are physical objects about famous people. Do you have any objects in your home which are from your grand-grand-grandparents? So there’s nothing, right? But you see, that’s a change in the modern world that you can actually preserve digital information for a variable time. I was running a company which was doing engineering for other companies. In a series of steps, we found out that there is a cool part of IT. We split Acronis into a separate company, and at that time, the company focused on just backup. There is different management philosophy for different stage of the company. It is important to be alert, responsive, attentive to detail, to make decisions and to never give up. Sometimes, you talk about hard-working. I have some situations which I wouldn’t want to repeat. I spend a lot of time trying to understand how time is organised. This whole concept of regret is strange because it’s in the past, and so what can you do about it? It’s happened, it’s just there. And the question is again, what can you change in the future because the future is still open, you can do something to it.

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