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  • Lawrence Ng

Making the Cut – Richard Quest, CNN International anchor

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Never underestimate the importance of cyber security, says CNN International anchor Richard Quest. The veteran journalist made a very convincing point for cyber security with one question – did the Clinton email leaks cost her dearly and led to a Trump victory in the United States presidential election?

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Transcription Sometimes, I shudder at how far behind I’m getting, at how I don’t understand Instagram and I can’t put a filter on a picture on Twitter. But I think what happens is you have to sift the technology that is interesting and the technology that is essential. If I sit down to write something or do something on the computer, I sit down and I do just that. I recognise I have to stay up with technology but I don’t have to stay up with all technology What is much more threatening to global economic growth, global health is computer data security A chief executive that doesn’t realise his or her company is at risk is an idiot. Yahoo lost 500 million (user data) and their deal with Verizon may be in trouble Ashley Madison lost highly personal data and there was a suicide as a result. We can even question, did any of the leaks we can even question, did any of the leaks and the hacks concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails have any effect on Donald Trump winning the US presidency. The United States elected Donald Trump and the rest of the world can cry and scream and moan and wail as much as they like, but they have to deal with a new reality in Washington. Those companies in the tech sector suffered because Trump’s trade policies, they are likely to disrupt the supply chain for technology companies. I think the big mistake that people make when they do interviews is they go for the “Gotcha”. If Donald Trump, or you, has held your position for months, if not years, you’re not going to suddenly turn to me, no matter how hard I question you and then say which “Richard, you know you’re right! I’ve been wrong for all these years.” The interviewee does not have to answer the question. My starting point is always one of respect. I’m grateful that you have given me your valuable time to be interviewed So all my goal is to prod you, to tickle you, to hit you to turn you, to get you to explain what is your position That’s all my job is, that is it.

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