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  • Soon Kai Hong

LG StanByME Review: Impressive In More Ways Than One

When we first heard about this, we were a little confused as to how this would fit in anyone’s lifestyle. But we’ve since tried it for about two to three weeks and safe to say, we are still a little confused. However with that said, there are a few specific use cases in which this is really great for. Let’s take a look at the LG StanbyME.

In a nutshell, what the LG StanbyME is, Is a wireless 27-inch monitor that can also be used off the grid and you can move it to wherever you want it to be. Now of course there’s more to it than that but that basically sums up most of what this is capable of.

But let’s start off by talking about the design, which in our opinion, is really elegant. The entire construction is pretty simple, with the large round base on the bottom, a sturdy vertical pole that acts as both your handle to move it around and to attach the monitor arm to, and of course, the monitor itself. Lastly, everything is finished in a really soft looking cream color which will easily complement any room and accentuate it.

Speaking which, you’ll have access to multiple adjustment options. You can rotate a full 180 degrees and use it in portrait mode, you can swivel 130 degrees, up to 50 degrees of tilt and just about 20 centimeters in height adjustment. As for the monitor itself, it’s 27-inches, utilizes an IPS panel, has resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 running at 60Hz, fully touch capable, and supports quite the number of features found LG’s lineup of TVs such as Image Enhancing, AI Upscaling, HDR10 Pro, HLG, Filmmaker Mode and more. All thanks to the inclusion of an A7 Gen4 Processor which is basically the same processor that can be found on their A1 and B1 series of OLED TVs, just without the 4K moniker.

Flip around to the back of the monitor and this is where you’ll find it fully covered in a soft touch fabric material which not only gives it a bit of character but also being quite practical as well as this is where you’ll find the speakers. It’s a 2.0 sound system that’s capable of 10 watts of power.

Now 10 watts might not sound like a lot, but we assure this can get