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  • Cheryl Tan

CES 2023: True Wireless Earbuds From Klipsch & Ear Micro That Will Last... YEARS?!

Updated: Apr 13

We're here at CES 2023 and if you love luxury products and you have some money to burn, the T10 Bespoke from Ear Micro and Klipsch could be a purchase that lasts you decades, which is not something that you can say for a lot of electronic products.

With the earbuds made out of ceramic and held together by screws, it's an interesting concept that means the internals of the earbuds can be easily accessed if needed for repairs, replacements or even upgrades. Right out of the box though, it comes with an ARM quad-core processor, twin Tensilica Cadence Hi-Fi mini DSPs, a nine-axis motion sensor and gyroscope, multiple microphones and LEDs. There's also a multi-touch surface that has some very interesting touch controls right out of the box, including the ability to scrub forward or backward on Apple devices. The sound signature is exactly the same as the original X10 earbuds and based on our quick listening test, it was warm, revealing and detailed. Starting at US$2,800, it's definitely not cheap. But when you consider that you know the product can be repaired and parts can be changed out and upgraded over the years, it certainly does seem like a pretty worthwhile investment. Anyway, that wraps things up for us here. So stay tuned for more coverage of cool audio stuff that we've seen at CES 2023!

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