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  • Cheryl Tan

JBL & Harman Kardon Launches New Speakers For Home Use

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Cheryl Tan


With the new JBL Sound Gallery opening at T-Space, there’s now a place for consumers to try out JBL and Harman Kardon products in a showroom that simulates how the products might fit into a home.

We were able to have a quick listen to the brand new JBL Link Bar and Harman Kardon’s Citation series speakers that are meant for home use.

The JBL Link Bar is a soundbar that fits in perfectly under a television but also can be used in other rooms like the study, connected to a computer. The Link Bar has Google Voice Assistant built-in so even if consumers don’t have an Android or smart TV, the television can still be controlled via the Link Bar.

Sound-wise I felt it was definitely decent, with enough weight and punch to the bass. I did feel that the treble could be a bit more prominent, however. We only listened to a song and a movie trailer on this, so my experience might not be entirely accurate.

It’s incredibly convenient since there are HDMI ports on the back and you can use your voice to just switch between inputs without having to use the remote. Definitely helpful for people like me who always forget which input is linked to which device.

Moving on to the Harman Kardon Citation series, consumers now can get rid of wires for their home audio system. The speakers all run on WiSa technology and a proper 5.1 surround sound configuration will cost somewhere in the range of S$7000. That’s not all too bad at all.

Listening to the Citation Bar, Towers, Sub and Surround speakers in that configuration, I thought that it actually sounded very decent. The bass was good, voices were clear while the imaging and audio separation was excellent.

Best part? All home audio purchases at the JBL Sound Gallery come with a 90-day moneyback guarantee, so even if consumers purchase a system and find out it doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit their preferences, they’ll be covered.

More information about the JBL Link Bar can be found on JBL’s website, while information and purchasing options for the Citation series can be found on Harman Kardon’s website.

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