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JBL Club Pro+ Review: Super Interesting EQ Features!

These earbuds are definitely one of the cooler ones to come out from JBL, and they perform pretty well, but there are still a few problems to iron out. I must say, I really dig the design of the Club Pro+ earbuds though.

The case is made out of plastic, yes, but there is a slight bit of heft to it, so it doesn’t feel like a toy in the hand. The matte black colour with that sort of sheen is also pretty durable. You don’t get fingerprints or scuffs on the case easily, which is nice. On the bottom, you get a USB-C charging port, a pairing button as well as a LED indicator for charging status. The case also supports wireless charging, which is very nice.

Inside, you get the two earbuds along with individual LEDs that show if the earbuds are charging when you put them into the case. The earbuds themselves are actually really nic