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Google Settles US$5 Billion Lawsuit Over Tracking People Using 'Incognito Mode'

In a landmark settlement, Google has agreed to pay US$5 billion to resolve a privacy lawsuit that accused the tech giant of tracking users who used the "incognito" mode in its Chrome browser.

Credit: Unsplash

The class-action lawsuit, filed in 2020, alleged that Google misled users into believing that their internet activities would not be tracked while using incognito mode.

The lawsuit argued that Google's advertising technologies and other techniques continued to collect and catalog details of users' site visits and activities, despite their use of supposedly "private" browsing. Plaintiffs claimed that Google's actions violated their privacy and amassed an "unaccountable trove of information" about users who believed they were taking steps to protect their online privacy.

The settlement, reached on Thursday, is still subject to approval by a federal judge. While the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, the original lawsuit sought $5 billion on behalf of affected users. Lawyers for the plaintiffs stated that they expect to present the court with a final settlement agreement by February 24.

Google has not yet provided a comment on the settlement. The tech giant's decision to settle the lawsuit highlights the growing concerns surrounding online privacy and the need for greater transparency from tech companies regarding their data collection practices.

This settlement serves as a reminder that even when using private browsing modes, users should remain cautious about their online activities and take additional steps to protect their privacy. It also raises questions about the extent to which tech companies can truly guarantee user privacy in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

  • Google settles a US$5 billion privacy lawsuit over tracking users in incognito mode.

  • Lawsuit alleged that Google misled users about the privacy of their internet activities.

  • Settlement is subject to approval by a federal judge.

Source: AP NEWS

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