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Google Pixel 6 Design Allegedly Confirmed: Here’s What We Know So Far

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The Google Pixel 6’s design seems to be pretty much confirmed if the recent leak about it is to be believed.

Google Pixel 6 Pro front and back

A render of what the Pro version of the Google Pixel 6 might look like Credit: Jon Prosser / Ian Zelbo

Slashleaks’ co-owner, Steve H. Mcfly, released a render of the Google Pixel 6 phone a week after Jon Prosser showcased his renders of the same phone. You may notice that Steve’s renders look similar to the one Prosser featured in his last video regarding the phone’s design, which might mean it’s possible the phone’s design is somewhat confirmed. In another video, Prosser mentioned that Steve has a great track record when it comes to product design leaks, giving his renders credibility.

In his tweet, Steve praised Prosser for sharing “a rather good look” of the Google Pixel 6 and its Pro version. However, he also added that Prosser’s render isn’t without its flaws.

Prosser described the phone’s design as Google “actually trying” in his video, with super-thin bezels, a single punch-hole cutout for the front camera and the Google Pixel 4’s orange colour making a comeback. The same is true with Steve’s render, but with a few differences. The camera bump on the rear seems to be flatter than Prosser’s leaks, and the phone has a small chin as opposed to Prosser’s chinless render.

Regardless of the differences, the renders from both leakers seem to have confirmed the Google Pixel 6’s design. Prosser even stressed this fact in his latest video regarding the phone, saying, “If two people that you trust are saying or showing you the same information, that is ultimately super helpful for you as a viewer or reader because it substantiates whatever rumour you’re looking into.”

Now, let’s look at the phone’s many rumoured features, which could either make or break your choice to get the Pixel 6.

Both models of the Google Pixel 6 will feature a curved AMOLED display which has a 120Hz refresh rate. However, due to the difference in size, the regular model will have a 6.64-inch display while the Pro model will sport a 6.67-inch display.

As previously mentioned, the Pixel 6 supposedly comes with a regular and a pro model. There isn’t much difference between the two aside from their size and the number of rear cameras – two for the regular model and three for the pro model. Both Prosser and Steve were unable to specify the specifications of each camera, unfortunately. However, their reports both point to the probability of the phone having an under-display fingerprint sensor instead of the dedicated fingerprint reader previous Pixel phones had.

google chip axios

Credit: Axios

Google was also rumoured to be developing its own custom smartphone chip, an 8-core ARM chip based on a 5-nanometre process codenamed “Whitechapel” for the Google Pixel 6. Rumours suggest that Google is working with Samsung to develop this custom chip that could offer a similar performance to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series. The chip would also provide the phone with an Image Signal Processor and a Neural Processing Unit if the rumours are to be believed.

Yogesh, the founder of 247Techie in India, tweeted that Whitechapel’s performance is closer to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip and that Google is not trying to match the Snapdragon 888. Additionally, he also mentioned that a Mali GPU will be handling the phone’s graphics, which performs well even under stress.

Lastly, the phone’s Pro model was rumoured to have a battery capacity as big as 5000mAh, while the regular model will have a smaller battery capacity which has not been revealed as of yet. Meanwhile, both phone models will support 5G connectivity.


Written by John Paul Joaquin

As technology advances and has a greater impact on our lives than ever before, being informed is the only way to keep up.  Through our product reviews and news articles, we want to be able to aid our readers in doing so. All of our reviews are carefully written, offer unique insights and critiques, and provide trustworthy recommendations. Our news stories are sourced from trustworthy sources, fact-checked by our team, and presented with the help of AI to make them easier to comprehend for our readers. If you notice any errors in our product reviews or news stories, please email us at  Your input will be important in ensuring that our articles are accurate for all of our readers.

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