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Google and Epic Games Face Off as App Antitrust Trial Nears End

Updated: Jan 5

Google and Epic Games, the creator of popular video game Fortnite, are engaged in a high-stakes legal battle as their app antitrust trial approaches its conclusion.

Credit: Unsplash

The trial, which has been closely watched by the tech industry, centers around allegations of anti-competitive behavior by Google in its app store practices.

Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Google in 2020, accusing the tech giant of monopolistic practices and unfair restrictions in its Google Play Store. Epic Games specifically took issue with Google's requirement that app developers use its in-app payment system, which charges a 30% commission on transactions.

During the trial, Epic Games argued that Google's policies stifle competition and limit consumer choice. They claimed that Google's dominance in the Android app market allows it to impose unfair terms on developers, ultimately harming innovation and driving up costs for consumers.

Google, on the other hand, defended its app store policies, stating that they are necessary to maintain a secure and reliable platform for users. The company argued that the 30% commission helps fund the development and maintenance of the Google Play Store, as well as providing a level playing field for all developers.

The outcome of this trial could have significant implications for the app store landscape and the power dynamics between tech giants and app developers. If Epic Games succeeds in its lawsuit, it could potentially lead to changes in Google's app store policies and pave the way for more competition in the market.

This trial comes amidst increased scrutiny of app store practices by regulators worldwide. Both Google and Apple, which also faces a similar lawsuit from Epic Games, have faced allegations of anti-competitive behavior and have been the subject of investigations by regulatory authorities.

As the app antitrust trial nears its end, the tech industry eagerly awaits the verdict, which could shape the future of app store policies and competition in the digital marketplace.


  • Google and Epic Games are engaged in a legal battle over app store practices.

  • Epic Games accuses Google of anti-competitive behavior and unfair restrictions in its Google Play Store.

  • The trial centers around Google's requirement for developers to use its in-app payment system and pay a 30% commission.


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