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  • Liling Tan

Galaxy Z Flip: You Will Fold In Love With It!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Samsung unveiled not just the new S20 series of smartphones, but another foldable as well. This time, it’s kinda of like a throwback to the past, a flip phone! 

This is the Galaxy Z Flip, which when fully unfolded, reveals a gorgeous 6.7” FHD+ AMOLED display that uses what Samsung calls its Ultra-Thin Glass. That’s right, it’s no longer plastic. You get slightly more durable glass now, which can’t be scratched by debris or fingernails.

It’s running the Snapdragon 855+ processor, which isn’t the newest, but it’s still a flagship processor from last year that holds up well to the demands of the phone.

There’s 256GB of onboard storage and 8GB of RAM, powered by a 3,300mAh battery that should be enough for a day’s use if managed properly. It’s essentially flagship specs in a foldable phone.

The phone comes in at about 183g, which means it’s not light, but it’s not heavy either. You really have to get your hands on the phone to feel the build quality and how great it is. There is a slight bezel on the sides, but it’s not a problem at all.

The display is clear, bright and very sharp. It doesn’t have 120Hz refresh rate, but you’re not going to notice that. There is a small 1.1″ display on the front of the phone that’s used for notifications and as a small display for selfies.

One thing about the Z Flip is that you can position the lid any way you want, just set the angle and you could use the entire inner screen. Watch the video for more examples!

Yes, the crease is still here. It’s not as pronounced as the Fold, but it’s still present. After 10 minutes, you forget about it and just use the phone as normal.

Having a foldable phone that has such a small footprint, you can put this in the pocket and just go about your day. At S$1,998, it’s not the cheapest phone but you’re getting a lot of technology packed into the phone. We think the Z Flip is going to be a home run, as evidenced by it selling out immediately when it launched.

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