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  • Cheryl Tan

Exploring The Streets With The vivo X50 Pro

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

There are plenty of reviews about the vivo X50 Pro’s hardware and software, so here’s something a little different. Check out how we use this phone for street photography right here in Singapore!

On the rear is four camera lenses; the main 48MP f/1.6 lens with the built-in gimbal system, an 8MP wide-angle lens, 13MP portrait lens and an 8MP periscope lens that has 5x hybrid zoom and 60x digital zoom.

The three key factors for us for street photography are being able to travel light, being able to blend in and lastly, having the ability to capture different angles.

The vivo X50 Pro checks all of these boxes, it’s lightweight, well-constructed and the default photo mode is enough for most people’s needs.

You might think that the phone would be heavy thanks to the well-built exterior, quad-camera array and 4,315mAh battery, but it only weighs 181.5g.

Taking the phone on the Singapore Sidecars Tour, the quad-camera setup offered a variety of angles and focal lengths for different and interesting photos. Photos look rich and vibrant out of the camera, but there are also filters and styles available for people who want a more unique look to their images.

The gimbal stabilisation is what everybody has been raving about though, and it’s truly a joy to use. The stabilisation radar on the screen is easy to follow and get accustomed to, you’ll be able to get stabilised photos and videos in no time at all.

Videos shot with the phone are also amazingly stable, even being better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, a phone that’s known for its video-shooting prowess.

Of course, if you have a mobile gimbal on hand, footage shot with the vivo X50 Pro will be even smoother.

The phone’s default photo modes of Photo, Portrait, Night and Video mode are already great for day-to-day usage, but if you want to push the camera even more when shooting on the streets, you have to click on More and check out the other modes.

The most important of all is Pro mode, it gives you full control over settings such as shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, focal distance and more. These features give you a lot of flexibility when you want to manually compose your shots on the go.

The vivo X50 Pro with its gimbal camera is truly a gamechanger for mobile photography and videography. For a first-generation product, this shows a lot of promise.


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