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  • Cheryl Tan

Dyson Revamps Vacuum, Introduces Personal Purifying Fan and Lamp

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Dyson is well-known for their vacuums, large home fans and even the hairdryer and Airwrap hair styler. Following along that line, they’ve announced a refresh of their cordless vacuum, the V11, along with an all new personal Pure Cool Me fan and Lightcycle task light lamps.

Photo provided by Dyson

The Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuum was announced in 2018 and the V11 Absolute builds on a great product to become even better, with 20% additional suction and better battery life, lasting up to 60 minutes.

The V11 is even smarter now, with a new digital motor and processor that can even detect if there are blockages in the vacuum so that users can be notified to clear it. There’s even a LCD screen that displays the current mode and allows for switching between Eco, Auto and Boost, with Boost providing the strongest suction for surfaces like carpet.

Photo provided by Dyson

Dyson’s bladeless fans are iconic, but more suited towards being used for a larger area due to the space the tall standing fan takes up. For people who prefer a fan with a more concentric flow of air, Dyson’s new Pure Cool Me fan is the answer.

Built with a HEPA filter that captures 99.95% of particles and activated carbon to trap odours and gases, you can rest assured that the air this fan circulates will be filtered as well as the other fans in the Pure Cool line.

But the Core Flow technology is what I’m intrigued by; air is directed via two ducts in the machine to form a high-pressure core on the dome-like surface, resulting in highly concentrated streams of air that can be directed as the user likes.

With the introduction of the Dyson Lightcycle task light available as a desk or floor light, this marks the company’s entrance into smart lighting. Engineered to mimic natural daylight, the three cool bulbs and three warm bulbs used are packed close together to provide a consistent colour temperature and brightness.

Photo provided by Dyson

The lamp continually adjusts those settings based on the user’s local daylight and surroundings; if the room lights are turned off, the lamp will automatically brighten to continue providing the same amount of light, and vice versa.

To cool the bulbs and ensure consistent light quality, Dyson has implemented something they call Heat Pipe technology. A hollow copper pipe with a single water droplet inside is installed in the arm of the lamp, with one end in contact with the bulbs and the other attached to the heatsink at the back.

The water droplet evaporates at the end with the bulbs and travels as water vapour to the heatsink and condenses back into water, leaving the heat at the heatsink, and is drawn back to the bulbs via capillary action. The cycle repeats, providing an effective and quick way to ensure the bulbs avoid getting too hot and deteriorating.

The V11 Absolute vacuum (SG$999) is now available at Dyson’s online shop and major departmental and electronic stores. The Pure Cool Me fan (SG$499) will be available from June 2019 onwards, while the Lightcycle task light (Desk light at SG$799, floor light at SG$1,199) will be available from July 2019.

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