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  • Cheryl Tan

Dyson Omni-Glide Review: Vacuuming Made Super Easy!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Vacuuming’s terrible. Everybody in my family dreads the one day of the week we have to vacuum our own rooms and living areas, so you’ll never see any of us offer to vacuum each other’s rooms. Well, the other day, my 12-year-old brother suddenly vacuumed the living room, dining room, as well as our other bedrooms. Taken aback by the sudden personality change, I asked why. His reply? “The new vacuum is so fun to use.”

Dyson Omniglide

Credit: Dyson

That pretty much sums up what it’s like to use the Dyson Omni-glide vacuum. It’s lightweight, ultra-maneuverable and effective. All of that combined definitely makes vacuuming much less of a chore.

Dyson Omniglide purple

Credit: Dyson

Let’s talk design. This is Dyson’s first wireless vacuum cleaner that has been engineered with an in-line format, with the motor, filter, handle and separation system all aligned so that the vacuum is able to go really close to the floor, allowing you to vacuum under low tables or other furniture like sofas and the likes.

Dyson omniglide

Not only that, the vacuum has the first Dyson omnidirectional fluffy cleaner head, with four 360° rotating castors on the bottom allowing it to move in any direction. So if you have something you don’t want to move away just to vacuum under it, the cleaner head can swivel and pivot around the legs of the item effortlessly.

The vacuum is also really lightweight, weighing in at just 1.9kg with the brush head. The battery sits within the handle, and overall, the vacuum sits really well in the hand and is pretty easy to use thanks to Dyson going with a new power button that sits on the handle and not the old trigger-style handle. It also has Dyson’s signature purple, which is nice.

Dyson omniglide

In terms of accessories, you get at least four in the box; the fluffy cleaner head tool with counter-rotating fluffy cleaner heads, a combi tool with slide brush head that’s designed for cleaning crevices, mini motor head for cleaning upholstery as well as a surface tool for large debris.

Dyson omniglide

Personally, I used the fluffy cleaner head most of the time and found that it worked well to suck up pretty much everything and anything, from dust to hair and even debris like cereal. I did find that larger, intact cereal flakes did tend to be a bit more difficult to suck up with this cleaner head though, so you might want to turn towards the surface tool for larger debris. Because the Omni-glide is designed specially for hard floors, there’s no tool attachment for carpets, and tool attachments from other Dyson vacuums can’t be used with the Omni-glide either.

Dyson Omniglide light pipe crevice tool

Credit: Dyson

Credit: Dyson

If you purchase the Omni-glide+ though, you get a gold-coloured vacuum as well as an additional tool in the box: the light pipe crevice tool, which lights up to illuminate where you’re vacuuming.

The bin has a capacity of 0.2L, which might seem to be on the small side, but assuming you’re using this daily like Dyson designed it for, the bin is surprisingly capable of holding quite a bit of dirt. Enough to not require emptying the bin until I’ve finished vacuuming the entirety of the Executive HDB flat I’m living in, at least.

The only problem I can see with the Omni-glide is that the battery life is very short at just 20 minutes on the normal power setting, and it requires 3.5 hours for a full charge. This means that you really need to plan out your cleaning route beforehand and make sure your floor is unobstructed and ready for cleaning to get the most efficient use of those 20 minutes. I tested out the max power setting and got around 9.5 minutes on a single charge, but honestly, I never felt the need for that. The normal power setting was more than enough.

The flat I’m in is approximately 140 square meters, and with the Omni-glide, it took around 2 charges to finish thoroughly vacuuming the entire house, so about 40 minutes. The whole idea is that the Omni-glide is meant for smaller apartments, so it’s definitely pushing it when I’m using it in such a big flat.

Dyson omniglide
Dyson omniglide

The battery is swappable though, so if you have a bigger house, you could purchase additional batteries so that you can vacuum the whole house at one go without having to put the machine back on the charging dock in between.

Dyson omni-glide bin

Credit: Dyson

Other than that though, the Omni-glide is a pleasure to use. It retains features like the easy cleaning bin mechanism, where you just press the red button on the back and then slide the plastic canister up and down to dislodge and scrape off any dust or hair stuck to the inner metal mesh core while ejecting all the dust and dirt collected in the bin, so you don’t have to touch any of that.

The engineers at Dyson have re-engineered the Hyperdymium motor at the heart of the vacuum, ensuring that despite its small size, it still spins at up to 105,000rpm and doesn’t lose any suction. There is also the five-stage filtration system that makes sure all air exiting the vacuum is cleaned and doesn’t reintroduce dust into the surroundings.

While I’m still not vacuuming daily, the Omni-glide has definitely helped to make life much easier. And if my younger siblings are willing to vacuum most of the house more often, well, that’s a major win in my book.

Retailing at S$649 for the Omni-glide and S$699 for the Omni-glide+, the vacuum cleaners are available at Dyson’s online store as well as Dyson Demo Stores.

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