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  • Mikhail Ow

DJI RS 4 Review : Incremental Updates to an Already Fantastic Product

Updated: Apr 17

DJI has improved the popular gimbal with a longer battery life, a bluetooth connection to the camera, and the ability to carry a larger payload.


In terms of design, the RS 4 maintains DJI's signature lightweight magnesium alloy body but with an improved shape for enhanced handling. At only 1.4kg, it feels extremely well-balanced. The extended tilt axis provides 8.5mm more balancing space than the RS 3, allowing for additional accessories to be mounted. Some key technical specs include the 4th generation stabilisation algorithm and high-capacity battery grip that provides around 2.5 times longer runtime than the RS 3. This will be a gamechanger for filmmakers who need to capture scenes for extended periods.

The OLED touchscreen has a nice upgrade from the RS 3's 1.8-inch display, with features like the automatic screen lock to conserve battery. Speaking of battery life, the new compatibility with batteries like the BG70 provides up to 29.5 hours of power on a single charge will surely impress users accustomed to the RS 3's more limited endurance.

In terms of shooting capabilities, the RS 4's redesigned horizontal plate enables easy transitions to vertical shooting.

DJI RS4 Ronin Arm

The RS 4 also offers improved connectivity over its predecessor. Of note is its support for the new Ronin Image Transmitter and Bluetooth control of cameras, both of which open up remote shooting possibilities. The expanded accessory ecosystem compatibility, such as with the Tethered Control Handle, also allows users to customise their setups based on specific needs.

DJI RS4 In Operation

In summary, the DJI RS 4 packs major upgrades over the RS 3 in terms of performance, battery life, shooting flexibility and production-enhancing features. The DJI RS 4 will be available for purchase immediately from authorized retailers as well as DJI's official online stores. Consumers have two purchase options to choose from. The standalone DJI RS 4 package is priced at $649. Included in this option is the main gimbal unit, a BG21 Battery Grip, USB-C Charging Cable, Lens-Fastening Support, Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic), Quick-Release Plate, one Multi-Camera Control Cable, and Screw Kit. it remains very competitively priced for its professional-grade feature set.

RS4 Close Up

The DJI RS 4 Combo package retails for $849. On top of everything included in the standalone option, this bundle additionally contains a Briefcase Handle for easy transportation, a Focus Pro Motor to enable smooth focus pulls, the Focus Pro Motor Rod Mount Kit, Focus Gear Strip, a second Multi-Camera Control Cable for expanded camera control, and a Carrying Case to store and protect all items. Both options provide filmmakers with fully loaded starter kits for the RS 4 stabiliser system. The Combo package in particular includes several accessories that will enhance the shooting experience and production workflow capabilities for solo operators.

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