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DJI OM 5 Review: Now Lighter and More Compact, But...

Today, we have ourselves the new OM 5, sent by our pals at DJI. Now lighter, more compact and…. With the ability to extend! Plus we’re gonna check out some new updates for the DJI Mimo app. Let’s see what kind of shots we can get with this.

I, for one, adore the idea of being able to get smooth, stabilised footage without the hassle of gearing up for bigger gimbals. Prepping your DSLRs and mirrorless cameras may take too much time and it might even be impossible to fit in your bag.

But regardless of the setbacks, settling for handheld footage may not be in your favour all of the time, either. The much lighter and more compact OM 5 weighs only 292 grams, compared to the 290g weight of the OM 4. But this comes with a sacrifice - a smaller 1000mAh battery in this version, but it should still get you around six hours of use.