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Disney Assembles Artificial Intelligence Task Force

The Walt Disney Company has created a team to explore applications of artificial intelligence across its vast entertainment business, Reuters has learned.

Walt Disney
Credits: Reuters

This comes as Hollywood battles to limit AI's impact on creative roles.

Formed earlier in 2023 before the Hollywood strikes, Disney's AI group aims to develop in-house applications and partner with startups, sources said. Disney currently has 11 job openings for AI and machine learning experts spanning its studios, theme parks, advertising and more.

An internal advocate said legacy media must embrace AI or risk irrelevance. They see AI as a way to control soaring production costs for films and shows. For parks, it could enhance customer service and create novel guest interactions.

AI is controversial in Hollywood, with writers and actors concerned about job losses. It's a key issue in contract talks with unions currently on strike.

Disney has treaded carefully on AI publicly. For the new Indiana Jones movie, supervisors highlighted extensive manual work to "de-age" Harrison Ford.

In summary, Disney has assembled an AI task force to find applications across the company, while Hollywood remains wary of the technology's impact on jobs. The team aims to develop in-house apps and partner with startups. AI could cut production costs and enhance theme park experiences.

  • Disney has created an artificial intelligence task force to explore AI applications across the company, including in film production, theme parks and advertising.

  • Hollywood creatives are battling to limit AI's impact on jobs, with writers and actors concerned about automation. AI is a key issue in ongoing contract negotiations.

  • Disney is treading carefully on AI publicly, emphasising manual work involved in film production like "de-aging" actors, though the task force aims to find cost savings and enhance experiences.


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