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China's Thrust into the Future: 5G Expansion and 6G Research Steered by Top Industry Regulator

Updated: Jan 5

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expands 5G applications, intensifies 6G research and bolsters emerging digital industries.

Credits: Getty Images

China's leading industry regulator announced on Sunday its plans to propel the industrial application of 5G and advance the research and development of 6G, as the nation aims to secure its position at the forefront of future technological advancements.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Jin Zhuanglong made this declaration during the opening ceremony of the 31st PT Expo, a prominent Chinese telecom industry expo. The ministry intends to enrich and broaden the scope of 5G application scenarios while fostering the integration of the industrial internet. Efforts will be dedicated to enhancing the industrial internet technology system, standards and application systems while establishing a collection of 5G factories. This initiative will significantly drive the intelligent, eco-friendly and integrated development of the manufacturing industry.

Furthermore, the ministry will expedite the growth of emerging industries by capitalising on future opportunities and fortifying the entire industry chain in mobile communication, optical communication and other relevant sectors.

Minister Jin Zhuanglong emphasised the need for greater consolidation of China's advantageous industries. He urged forward-thinking exploration into cutting-edge domains, such as the next-generation internet, and comprehensive promotion of 6G technology research and development.

China anticipates intensified efforts to create a favourable environment alongside guidance and support to enterprises for increasing research and development. The rapid growth of new emerging digital industries, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and network security, will be a key focus.

According to the ministry's data, as of April, China has successfully deployed an impressive 2.73 million 5G base stations, laying a solid foundation for the country's ongoing technological advancements.

  • China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced plans to widen 5G applications and advance 6G research.

  • Efforts will focus on enriching 5G application scenarios and integrating the industrial internet.

  • The ministry aims to establish 5G factories for intelligent, green, and integrated development in the manufacturing industry.

  • Emerging industries will be cultivated, and advantageous sectors will be consolidated to maintain a leading position.

  • The research and development of 6G technology will be comprehensively promoted.

  • China will foster a supportive environment for research and development, particularly in emerging digital industries.

  • The country has successfully built 2.73 million 5G base stations as of April.

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