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  • Lawrence Ng

CES 2024: Rabbit R1, Affordable Mobile AI Device That Interacts and See

Rabbit Inc., a new AI startup, has unveiled its latest innovation at CES 2024 - the Rabbit R1 AI Assistant.

Rabbit R1 - Push to Talk Only function
Rabbit R1 - Push to Talk

This pocket-friendly device aims to revolutionise the way we interact with technology by simplifying everyday tasks through voice commands. With its unique design and advanced capabilities, the R1 is set to challenge the dominance of popular voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Unlike traditional smartphone apps, the R1 eliminates the need for navigating through various applications to complete tasks. Instead, users can simply press and hold the push-to-talk button on the device and issue voice commands.

The R1, developed in collaboration with Swedish firm Teenage Engineering, features a 2.88-inch touchscreen and an analog scroll wheel for easy navigation. It also boasts a 360-degree rotating camera, known as the "Rabbit Eye," which can be used for video calls or as a selfie or rear camera. During a demonstration, the company demonstrated the Rabbit R1's ability to see what's in the fridge and quickly create a recipe using the ingredient found in the fridge.

Rabbit R1 - 360 Rotational Camera
Rabbit R1 - 360 Rotational Camera

One of the standout features of the R1 is its ability to learn tasks and carry them out efficiently. The device does not rely on onboard apps or connect to external APIs. Instead, it uses Rabbit OS, a unique layer that allows users to grant access to select apps via a web portal. By logging into their accounts on services like Uber, Spotify, and Amazon, users can authorize Rabbit OS to perform actions on their behalf. Rabbit Inc. assures users that no user credentials are stored, and all authentication occurs on the third-party service's login systems.

The R1 is not intended to replace smartphones but rather to simplify daily tasks. It can make reservations, book tickets, add songs to playlists, and perform a wide range of other actions across various categories. The device's backend utilizes large language models and action models developed by Rabbit Inc. to understand user intent and carry out requests. These models learn by observing how humans perform tasks and replicate them independently. Privacy is a key concern for Rabbit Inc., and they have implemented measures to address it. The R1 does not have a constant listening feature like other voice assistants, as it only activates the microphone when the push-to-talk button is pressed. Additionally, users have the freedom to unlink Rabbit OS's access and delete any stored data at any time.

Rabbit R1 - USB C + Sim Card Slot
Rabbit R1 - USB C + Sim Card Slot

Since its debut at CES 2024, the device has sold over 10,000 units in a single day. The Rabbit R1 AI Assistant is priced at US$199 and is available for pre-order. It comes with a 4G LTE SIM card slot for constant connectivity and can also be connected to Wi-Fi networks. The device boasts a long battery life, lasting "all day" on a single charge. Shipping is expected to commence in late March.

  • Rabbit Inc. introduces the Rabbit R1 AI Assistant, a pocket-friendly device that simplifies everyday tasks through voice commands.

  • The R1 features a touchscreen, analog scroll wheel, and a rotating camera.

  • It uses Rabbit OS to grant access to select apps via a web portal, ensuring user privacy.

  • The R1 is not meant to replace smartphones but aims to simplify tasks across various categories.

  • Priced at US$199, the R1 is available for pre-order and ships in late March.

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