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  • Cheryl Tan

CES 2021: Sony Unveils Airpeak Drone, PS5 Game Release Dates & More

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Sony held a pretty short press conference to kick off CES 2021, but hey, it’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality, right? And the new Sony Airpeak drone that they teased, well, that’s going to get a lot of content creators excited.

1. Airpeak

Integrating AI and robotics, Sony has finally shown off what we can expect from the Airpeak drone that was first talked about in late 2020. Airpeak is the world’s smallest drone capable of carrying the load of a Sony Alpha mirrorless camera and lens, which means it could open up more possibilities for creators using the Sony camera system.


Credit: Sony

There isn’t much else to be said about the drone at this time since no further details were provided, but we’re definitely looking forward to when it becomes available to the general public.

2. Live streaming in 360 Reality Audio

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio was also showcased at CES 2020, but now, they’re taking it to the next level by allowing performers and singers to live stream content with the technology.

To showcase it, consumers who have a compatible pair of headphones will be able to watch a live stream of Zara Larsson performing with 360 Reality Audio support through the Artist Connection app. More details can be found here.

3. 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite

Credit: Sony

If you’re worried about not having enough 360 Reality Audio compatible content, Sony’s working on that. While there are over 4,000 songs in 360 Reality Audio from artists like Alicia Keys, Lil Nas X, Megan Thee Stallion, Noah Cyrus, Zara Larsson, and more, Sony is also providing the ability to create in 360 Reality Audio for smaller musicians and creators with the 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite plugin.

The plugin works with popular digital audio workstations and will allow users to mix audio and place instruments individually on a 360 spherical sound field. The software is expected to be available at the end of January 2021.

4. PS5

When the Playstation 5 launched, one major complaint was that there weren’t enough games that took advantage of the console. Well, Sony has secretly revealed the release dates for some anticipated games like Kena: Bridge of Spirits (March 2021), Little Devil Inside (July 2021), Ghostwire Tokyo (October 2021) and more in their Press Event video.

While some bigger names like Horizon Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank were given a vague 2021 date, fans on Twitter were happy to get an update on games like Pragmata and Project Athia, even if they’re years away (January 2022 and 2023 respectively).


Written by Cheryl Tan

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