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K-Pop Label HYBE Unveils Revolutionary AI-Driven Multi-Language Release

HYBE pioneers simultaneous six-language track using AI, with potential game-changing implications for the music industry.

K-Pop Label HYBE
Credits: REUTERS

In a dimly lit Seoul studio, the world-renowned K-pop label HYBE has made history by blending a South Korean singer's voice with native speakers of five other languages using artificial intelligence (AI). The groundbreaking technology allowed HYBE to release MIDNATT's track "Masquerade" in Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese simultaneously, a global first with vast implications for the music industry.

HYBE (352820.KS), South Korea's biggest music label, employed its in-house AI music technology to flawlessly combine the vocals of MIDNATT, known as Lee Hyun, in each language. The innovative approach sets a precedent for future multi-language releases by popular acts, according to HYBE.

Chung Wooyong, the head of HYBE's interactive media arm, stated that they would gauge fans' reactions before deciding their next moves. By having native speakers read the lyrics and employing the AI technology, the team successfully integrated diverse languages while preserving the singer's unique voice.

The AI technology used by HYBE is a remarkable example of AI's growing impact on the music industry. As the Grammy Awards introduce new rules for AI usage and AI-generated mash-ups flood social media, HYBE's pioneering approach sets a new standard for AI-powered music production.

Chung further explained that they analysed various components of sound, such as pronunciation, timbre, pitch and volume, to create a seamless blend of different languages. The result was evident in the song, as an elongated vowel sound was added to enhance the natural flow of the English lyrics without altering the singer's voice.

Supertone's deep learning technology, powered by the Neural Analysis and Synthesis (NANSY) framework, contributed to the natural sound quality, surpassing non-AI software. The strategic acquisition of Supertone by HYBE for 45 billion won ($36 million) in January positions the label to make the AI technology accessible to creators and the public, though pricing details remain undisclosed.

This groundbreaking release signifies the fusion of cutting-edge technology and music, unlocking new possibilities for global collaborations and multi-language tracks. As HYBE plans to share its AI technology with creators, the music industry can anticipate an era of AI-driven innovation and creative expansion.

  • K-pop label HYBE pioneers an unprecedented simultaneous six-language track, blending a South Korean singer's voice with native speakers using AI technology.

  • The release marks a significant advancement in the music industry, with potential game-changing implications for global collaborations.

  • HYBE's in-house AI music technology enables a seamless combination of vocals in various languages while preserving the artist's original voice.


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